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    Step 1: the purpose and budget estimation

    The first thing you have to know prior to ordering a fake ID is why you need it, and your budget. Do you need a fake ID for buying beer, spirits, attending concerts and clubs, smoking or else? Is that you are looking for a super high-quality fake ID supplier to become a reseller? In this case, you will definitely need a good budget.

    Step 2: picking a state

    Now, when you are decided on the budget, you have to pick a state. Of course, it is not necessary to order the fake ID for the state you reside in. Actually, here are the best practices:

    1. Pick a nearby state: people will not be able to compare your ID to theirs, while you can easily explain having another state’s ID. You are going to college here, or visiting your friends.

    2. Pick your state: relatively safe, but with one serious minus: people can compare your ID to their real ID. Use it, if you have a high-quality fake ID that has almost no difference from the real one.

    3. Pick a large state with high population (New York, Texas, California). It works most of the time.

    Step 3: U21 or O21 fake ID

    There are two general types of ID: for those who are under 21 (U21) and for those, who are over 21 years old (O21). The difference between the two depends on the state. In some states, the U21 ID expires on your 21st birthday, in others you can use for a few more years. You should choose between the two, depending on your situation: your state and your intentions to use the fake ID.

    If you need fake ID to buy alcohol, you should check your state’s age restrictions: in some states, you can only buy booze if you are older than 21, which makes U21 type useless for you. In other states, you can buy alcohol from 18-19 years old, so you can use that for a while.

    If you need a fake ID for smoking, chilling out in clubs and concerts, or other activities allowed from 18 years, the U21 will go perfectly. The advantage of the U21 ID is that people believe it much easier, when you look younger than 21. The O21 fake IDs are more suspicious, if you look, sound or act young.

    The fake ID producer should carefully check the dates when issuing a U21 ID. Most of the reliable companies do, fortunately. Make sure that you have ordered a valid ID type for your state and your intentions.

    Step 4: choosing a reliable ID producer

    Read the reviews, ask your friend and see their fake IDs, examine the producers’ sites. Make sure you order from a company with proven good reputation. Read their terms and conditions, the agreement, other information. Check if you can pay for their services (Most of the companies accept Bitcoin. You can buy it online.). Don't trust sites who accept Western Union, this is a scam.

    Step 5: receiving your order

    Make sure that you have a secure mailbox to receive your order. Your parents or officials should not have access to it. You can ask your friend for a valid mail address to pick it up for you, or use a post office box. Not every producer is concerned about stealth, so make sure your package gets in your hands first.

    If the package is late, or does not track, or you have issues with the quality of your order, you should contact the seller. Be patient and polite, it pays. Being friendly opens many doors, making the responsible people help you eagerly and quickly.

    Brief overview of fake IDs

    Most of the ID are made either of Teslin, of PVC or of polycarbonate. PVC is the thickest and the most rigid plastic, which does not bend. Polycarbonate has a medium flexibility, though it passes “the bend test” as a rule. Teslin is a durable synthetic paper; IDs made from Teslin have lamination. Teslin IDs usually have a lot of UV ink and color-changing ink on it, while the polycarbonate IDs are the only ones that can have a perforation (window).

    All the three types of IDs have holograms, UV ink and raised font, depending on the state; all of them have bar codes that scan.

    It is the best practice to choose the same material for your fake ID that they use for real IDs in your state. Otherwise, choose Teslin: it will work most of the time. Other materials may work as well, though they are less reliable.

    If you have any additional questions, post them below. By now, this is practically everything you need to know about fake IDs.

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