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Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by dapperfapper69, Jan 26, 2016.

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  1. dapperfapper69

    dapperfapper69 New Member

    Ive noticed something about the fakes that I've seen my friends with, and even with the one I ordered (and then lost). They always have the 5 digit zip code, but none of them ever have the 4 digit extension on them that my real drivers license does. I havent seen ID's from many vendors, but I was wondering if any of them used the extensions, and weather or not I should include one in my fakes address.
  2. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Every state does it differently but even with my real id I have a 9 digit zip and my friend who got his license in the same state a couple months before me has a 5 digit zip, I don't think it matters much
  3. delited01

    delited01 Member

    I have 9 digits on my Texas from incasery
  4. NASBNJ1992

    NASBNJ1992 New Member

    In Ohio, the DMV is inconsistent about what they print on the front. Sometime its 5, sometimes its 9. No rhyme or reason to it either. Doesn't matter when it was issued, etc.

    HOWEVER on the barcode/magnetic strip it seems like they do put all 9 digits on for at least a while now. Regardless of how many are printed on the front.

    Back in the day I used to just put a "0000" for the + 4. Now its 4 random numbers. Seems to help it pass Barzapp much better.

    And no, it doesn't matter that these 4 numbers are random. Its not like Barzapp (or any other app) is going to do an address lookup to verify the +4 part of your zip.

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