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Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency' started by SheraTheBobm, Jun 24, 2017.

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  1. SheraTheBobm

    SheraTheBobm New Member


    I had started to learn about bitcoins with youtube first. I found khan Academy channel explaining every part of bitcoins. They have vreated videos on different topics about bticoins. Such as what is it ? bitcoins overview, digital currency, mining, proof of work and more..

    I am sharing the link here so that you could learn about it through videos in a easy way. Videos makes it easy to understand as compared to theory.

    Visit the above provided links and it will redirect you to the 1st video explaining what bitcoin actually is. You'll find next vidoes ( videso after it ) on the bar available in the left side of the video. You may also find some usefull questions asked and answered below the video that you might have in your mind.

    Note: The point of sharing this site is not of advertising but just to share some knowledge about bitcoin here. Nothing else.
  2. wob4j539689l2

    wob4j539689l2 New Member

    yea. You are right that videos makes it easy to understand as they give live examples. I'll be watching these all the videos time to time.
  3. Zaroon

    Zaroon New Member

    effective service. Videos explanation way is simple but good for beginnerss to understand. Khan Academy is a very famous website. it is an educational website. It conatins literally every single subjects video. I do watch my subjects video but never knew it contains bitcoin related videos also.
  4. tony_t

    tony_t New Member

    watched the first video. The video seems to be good. he was explaining everything in a good sort. So that one must not get confused. Useful stuff indeed. would recommend others to watch it as well.

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