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    The main rules for buying BTC. Created on the basis of the best guide to buying BTC, which was deleted.
    1. In order to buy BTC you need to get a "Bitcoin Wallet". The most convenient in my opinion is BLOCKCHAIN, since you do not need to pay for the usage. Enter e-mail address and create a password. There is an IOS app.

    Q: what is it a “Bitcoin Wallet”?
    A: frankly speaking, it is the place where your Bitcoins live. They can live in your wallet and increase or they can be transmitted. Basically, it is your anonymous web-purse.

    Q: why do people need this wallet?
    A: when you have a Bitcoin Wallet you also have your own unique address that may be used to transfer your Bitcoins.

    Q: what does a “Bitcoin address” mean? If you want to transfer your BNC to somebody, the system uses his address and send them to its “direction”. Each address consists of different letters and numbers, each user has his own one and only address.

    2. Obtain your first BTC OPTION:

    COINBASE I do not really like writing it, but COINBASE is one of the most well-known option that does not require ID. A debit or credit card can be used for quick access. Banking operation can take about 5 days. ID verification may be skipped if you use a Debit Card. It is possible that three payments will be sent from your card to verify your account. It's about 4 dollars. You do not need to worry; you will definitely get them back. First, they will transfer 1 dollar from your account, do not pay attention to it. The next 2 transactions will
    be a dollar and a few cents. COINBASE requests a transfer of the cents, pay attention to it, this is important. For
    example: there was a request for 1.23, you should type 1 dollar 23 cents. Once you pass the verification, you can buy BTC. Some sellers say the exact amount of money that needs to be sent. Some say send 50 dollars. It is best to transfer a little more, for example 51 dollars, while the bitcoins go up and down. There is also a commission fee of COINBASE. Vendors are different and many of them require an exact amount of money, otherwise the order will not be created. Add a couple of dollars and transfer to a Blockchain. COINBASE follows your popular routs.

    Q: Why there is a cancellation of my transfers?

    The most top answers from Google are - that a bank canceled your transactions, but only if you received an email. So COINBASE can use this to ignore orders. If you get an e-mail with
    “Sorry, this transaction was canceled. We do our best to get away from canceling transactions, but in some cases,
    there are transactions, which are not able to process because of recommendations inflicted by the banks or some
    technical faults"; This is a very common error. It happens due to the fact that they do not profit from taking care of ordinary customers, but it is much more interesting to pay attention to the large investors. In the working day, they can not answer any calls or emails. Some people share information that they want to buy 450 dollars; there are those who want less than 50 dollars. But in the end the sum ceases to matter. No feedback from them at all. But you can use the tips below, they will help you.
    In simple words: COINBASE is compared with 123. “Absolute absence of customer support”, - Bigluck 3k18
    The second option is LOCALBITCOIN. With this option you can buy and sell bitcoins to other users directly. You have an access to pay with Amazon gift ecodes and Escrow. The main point is that you will have to pay much money because of the rate.
    The third option is COINMAMA. You are able to verify yourself and this is for those who want to purchase several IDs.
    The fourth option is LIBERTYX. You can purchase bitcoins in different places by cash. You go to a definite location and pay to the cashier who will give you the code for access in app.
    In my opinion, bitcoin had to overcome a lot to be on the level that it is now. A couple of months ago anyone could easily use COINBASE and buy bitcoins, but now COINBASE dictates his own rules. It's not very fun.
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