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Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by Unknown0x01, Sep 1, 2016.

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  1. Unknown0x01

    Unknown0x01 New Member

    Here is a basic way to setup OPSEC for reselling

    • Use tails on a laptop

    • Go somewhere you can gain access to WiFi where there are no cameras(be sure you don't know the person whose WiFi it is)

    • Register a new BTC Wallet

    • Purchase BTC anonymously to that wallet for VPN and email

    • Purchase VPN

    • Use VPN to register new email account

    • Find an unlocked cell phone or T-Mobile cell phone on craigslist using created email

    • Meet in person at dog park to pay for cell phone since there are no cameras

    • Setup Orbot and Orweb setup on phone and push ALL data through Orbot(disable GPS)

    • Go to T-Mobile and get a prepaid SIM card month to month plan registering with fake info(they do not have anything in policy requiring ID for month to month plan, just say for craigslist sales and you are nervous from all the stories you hear)

    • Register new email for clients

    • DONE!!!!

    • Pay for T-Mobile bill monthly in cash(wear hat and sunglasses to hide appearance) or pay with a prepaid visa(wear hat and sunglasses to purchase).

    • Drop a card off at each fraternity house with email to contact you on by means of a pledge

    • Give "RUSH" discounts(If so many pledges or new initiates go in on order they get discount rate or expedited processing)
  2. meowmixID

    meowmixID New Member

    Only thing I would fix is the phone setup. Get any prepaid phone and buy the refill pins either online with bitcoin or at like 7-11. No need to pay a real phone bill monthly..
  3. noveltyguy21

    noveltyguy21 New Member

    It's only like $50/month for unlimited text, calls, and data. Just a personal preference
  4. meowmixID

    meowmixID New Member

    I pay 30 a month for unlimited texts/minutes
  5. noveltyguy21

    noveltyguy21 New Member

    what about data? I find it convenient to be able to check picture quality on the fly so it makes it easy to submit order. Have them text you when it is submitted and you just go through and check it all so when you sit down to submit there are no hiccups
  6. meowmixID

    meowmixID New Member

    I mean i just use my real phone with a VPN if i really need to check out photos.
  7. noveltyguy21

    noveltyguy21 New Member

    Gotcha. I don't do ANYTHING on a real phone. Too nervous lol.
  8. delited01

    delited01 Member

    is all of this necessary for orders consisting of about 20 a month?
  9. uniknown

    uniknown New Member

    • You forgot to mention a crucial step: MAC address spoofing. You're gonna want to do that every time you connect to a WiFi access point, and make it different every time. Be sure to generate proper MAC addresses (use valid manufacturer identifiers).

    • Wearing a hat and sunglasses can be suspicious. I recommend wearing a wig and sunglasses. Also, wear shiny glasses, so that any potential biometric cameras will have a harder time recognizing you.

    • You completely skipped the necessity of tumbling your bitcoins. This is VERY important.

    • Keep in mind that you can be tracked down through the burner phone. If you really want it to be untraceable, I'd use VOIP over Tor if I were you. Not sure how well the performance would be, however.

    • You don't need to do this on a laptop through WiFi. Doing it through Tor from anywhere is very viable. Just make sure that you mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkk wow just fell asleep.. make sure that you follow all necessary precautions.
    There are some other things but I need to get to bed.
  10. noveltyguy21

    noveltyguy21 New Member

    It was a quick post. The tails use should include the Mac spoofing. If you don't know about tails then research it. Mac spoofing is basically the point of its use. Well nobody has ever traced anyone that I've come into contact with by using burner phones they swap out every 6-12 weeks. If you unlock the phone you can modify the imei which is essentially what they would use to trace. Using orbot to push all data makes it more difficult as well.
  11. uniknown

    uniknown New Member

    I'm familiar with Tails. However, I believe that the mac address spoofing should be explicitly mentioned due to its importance.
  12. noveltyguy21

    noveltyguy21 New Member

    It is enabled by default, so no need to confuse people with steps on how to enable it....
  13. uniknown

    uniknown New Member

    My point is that when you tell someone to use Tails, you're telling them how to solve a specific problem, instead of letting them know what exactly it is they need to accomplish.

    To help you better understand this, let's use an example:

    • "Don't take 2 showers a day"
    This forces a solution to a problem without giving the person a choice in how to solve it. A more effective request would be:

    • "Don't use extra water"
    The difference? The water usage in this case is the issue at hand. Being given such a request, it is now up to the person as to how they'll handle the issue. They can either just shower once, or they can shower multiple times but shower much quicker.

    If the purpose of using Tails is for mac address spoofing, I believe that this should be mentioned in case someone wants to use an alternative to Tails which may by chance not have automatic mac spoofing.

    Does that make sense?
  14. noveltyguy21

    noveltyguy21 New Member


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