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Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by drinkanfly, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. drinkanfly

    drinkanfly New Member

    So a buddy of mine recently got a SC ID from Flashyourfakes for shits and gigs because it was a great deal and the quality was great. Anyways, I go to school down south and I had a friend tell me that all the bars can identify a fake SC easily and always take them because of one simple thing. He said on the back of the ID on the bottom left corner there is a small strip of numbers, and what the bouncers look for is the last four digits ending in 0698, and we looked and that is was what my friend had on the back of his ID also. If anyone could answer if this is true that'd be awesome, thanks guys. ALSO, it's not just Flashyourfakes that has this, a lot of SC Vendors have this number as well.

    EDIT: I guess just be aware of this before you order a South Carolina ID for college bars
  2. Deny_DenyDeny

    Deny_DenyDeny New Member

    I know that at Alabama and Ole Miss this is true and most bars don't accept any South Carolina IDs anymore
  3. MidnightHustlee

    MidnightHustlee New Member

    Lol then yeah he's not gonna be able to use it at school haha, thanks
  4. flashyourfakes

    flashyourfakes New Member

    Never heard of this before. I could change my template just to be sure though...
  5. MidnightHustlee

    MidnightHustlee New Member

    I mean don't get me your ID is awesome haha, it's not just your SC fake, apparently every SC id has the same thing, just something I thought needed to be addressed
  6. flashyourfakes

    flashyourfakes New Member

    word, thanks for pointing it out. I like hearing things like this or anything at all that can make my ID better
  7. rgfuser

    rgfuser New Member

    Yes, my ID from you has this. I never noticed it.
  8. anonymousedude13

    anonymousedude13 New Member

    Do you think this would be a problem in NC bars/clubs? I just got my idbook sc and I was planning to use it mostly at bars and clubs when I go back to school and I noticed mine has those digits too. Thanks for posting this though, it's a good heads up.

    INDEPENDEN505 New Member

    What about for someone in the New York City area? I'm literally about to order an ID today so I need to figure out if I'm gonna get trouble with an SC. Thanks
  10. idhelper

    idhelper New Member

    Not gonna be a problem, at least not for awhile.
  11. idhelper

    idhelper New Member

    Are you saying that the ID should have the digits 0698, or that it should not?
  12. MidnightHustlee

    MidnightHustlee New Member

    It should not, I had a friend send me a pic of his New-Id's SC ID and it also has a 0698, I guess it's just a part of the template that no one really thought mattered, but apparently and bouncers have caught on and its a huge red flag haha
  13. idhelper

    idhelper New Member

    Identity's does not have 0698.
  14. MidnightHustlee

    MidnightHustlee New Member

    Yeah I was just saying some vendors do and they should just switch it around
  15. idhelper

    idhelper New Member

    Oh yeah, I totally think you made a good call with your post. I just though that was interesting, and thought I should give him props.
  16. delited01

    delited01 Member

    I used an sc fake instate for a year. Every bouncer I handed it to knew it was fake right away, not because of the numbers on the back, but because of the coloring. The coloring on the fakes blend together and make the id look darker overall. That being said, I was only denied about 10% percent of the time and my id was handed back. It was finally taken when I pushed my luck and argued with a bouncer. Overall, definitely wouldn't recommend an instate, but most places I went to were more concerned with filling up the place than fakes.

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