photoshop print settings for inkjet teslin

Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by dudeitsdrude, Nov 30, 2017.

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  1. dudeitsdrude

    dudeitsdrude New Member

    what do you guys use as your photoshop print settings?

    I need some help around hahaha

    post it something like this

    • media type (plain paper, photopaper, high resolution paper, etc)
    • what type of rendering intent (perceptual, saturation, absolute colorimetric, relative colorimetric)
    • color adjustment in print settings before print or all in photoshop
    thanks fam
  2. drinkanfly

    drinkanfly New Member

    Depends a lot on your printer, basically all of them will color things differently. My Canon ip7220 doesn't allow me to select a paper type after I select the J try though.
  3. myttins

    myttins New Member

    That's cuz j tray is the selected media type
  4. drinkanfly

    drinkanfly New Member

    Yeah, but it has to be to print on inkjet PVC cards. Just realized this is about inkjet teslin, not PVC...
  5. Unknown0x01

    Unknown0x01 New Member

    Typically the media type should be the highest quality matte choice. As for the rendering intent, Perceptual and Relative Colorimetric with blackpoint compensation are the typical best choices. That setting becomes more important when you have a color-managed workflow. If you have settings like 'vivid', avoid those. Stick with 'standard' or 'sRGB'. That's the default working colorspace.

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