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Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by dapperfapper69, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. dapperfapper69

    dapperfapper69 New Member

    I see and get a lot of questions about drinking in NYC, so I'm going to try and share some knowledge. I've been using fakes from lots of states at lots of bars in lots of areas in NYC for 2 years. I'm not pulling this stuff out of my ass, but if anyone disagrees or has any further info I'll gladly update this thread accordingly.

    A lot people ask about what state to get. The following lists are not based on what vendors have to offer... An AZ offered by a vendor could be trash and not recommended, while a fantastic FL would definitely be much better. This is just based on state location.

    Definite No No's: IL, Old NY

    Not Recommended: FL, CT, CA, New NY, NJ

    Consider: AZ, NV, CO, DE, RI, MD, VA, NC, TX, ETC.

    Bouncers. A lot of them are born and raised New Yorkers. Its just a local type of job. Most of my bouncer friends are dudes from the bronx, queens, brownsville, east new york, bedstuy, etc. This is why in state is typically a bad idea.

    IL is a no because it is commonly faked, and FL, CT, CA are not recommended because they are also known to be faked and are states bouncers in NYC see a lot of real IDs of. The more CA ID's you see, the better an eye you get for them. And there are a lot more people with real CA ID's than fake ones. I put New NY as well because a fuckload of people live here and tons of my friends have been getting legit New NY licenses so bouncers are just getting better and better and spotting them.

    I feel like some will disagree with my "not recommended." I'm basing this off of conversations with a lot of bouncers in the area, so whether you take my advice is your decision.


    Boroughs in order of difficulty:

    Manhattan (Difficult to Medium)

    • Be careful of areas like LES and East Village because of its college population (NYU/Parsons/ETC). Same with neighborhoods surrounding FIT, SVA, etc. I tend to stay away from these areas, but I have gotten into a lot of places. Just not recommended.

    • The most superficial of the boroughs. Dressing nice will help you.

    • Unless you look like ScarJo, stay away from clubs. "Will my ID work at club blah blah blah or in this club in this district blah blah..." NO. Just don't go to clubs. They're too expensive and high security and there are tons of bars that accommodate dancing anyways.
    Brooklyn (Medium to Easy)

    • Be careful of Williamsburg. There's a lot of dive bars but there are a lot more high security venues and clubs popping up in the area.

    • Go to dive bars. Recommended neighborhoods: E. Williamsburg, Bedstuy, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Fort Greene. BK is truly an underage drinkers playground.
    Queens (Medium to Easy)

    • Don't know much about it. LIC, Forest Hill, Astoria are all areas I've been to and never had trouble with my IDs.
    The Bronx (Uhhh)

    • If you're going for a drink in the Bronx... well shit
    Staten Island

    • I don't know shit about drinking in Staten to be honest, if anyone from shaolin wants to contribute.

    Recommended Activities:

    Warehouse Parties - I recommend these if your ID scans (most on this subreddit do). They use normal scanners and there's a shitload of people in line so they just scan you in real quick with no glance at your ID. Less stressful than a bouncer's eye.

    Dive Bars - Always good. Not just in NYC. Learn to love them.

    Art Galleries / Showings - Yo these things are the most underrated things ever. I've NEVER been carded and they always have free wine / liquor / keg / etc.

    DIY Music Venues - Venues that don't sell liquor and book mostly unheard of bands. Probably don't have all their paperwork in order and only sell beer. Never have issues here. There's a lot of these in BK / Queens.

    Outdoor Shows / Day Festivals - I think these are easier than people think. You usually get your ticket checked and then you go to a line where they search you and then they just quickly check your ID and give you a drinking wristband. They are typically trying to pump people out quick and you get to pick which line you get in and which person will be checking your ID, so you can check out which bouncer pays more attention. Central Park is an example of a place I've never had problem drinking.


    Buying Booze

    Buying booze in NYC is easy. Go to the most run down deli you can find. Here's where I have to be stereotypical. Middle Eastern guys never seem to give a fuck when I buy cigarettes or beer. Chinese guys always pay a bit more attention. Same with white guys. Liquor stores are a bit more uptight but you should be fine if you have a decent ID. A lot of deli's sell wine too which is cool.

    If you found this info useful or interesting, you should also check out an article I posted a while back called Bar Tips for Fake ID Users. Some of the topics overlap but there is a lot of extra goodies for the ID rookies out there.
  2. Flyguy55

    Flyguy55 New Member

    This is 100% accurate. This should be used for reference for anyone thinking about going to the city with a fake. Great write up fam
  3. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    thanks fam. they call me "wise fam" in the streets for a reason
  4. Flyguy55

    Flyguy55 New Member

    I'll see about that, hit a brother up and let's ride through Brooklyn
  5. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

  6. monaybonay

    monaybonay New Member

    Quality post man. So true about brooklyn hahaha
  7. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    Thanks mayn
  8. delited01

    delited01 Member

    I dont really have a problem with CT. NJ is a BIG NO NO you should put that on the list as well. PA also doesn't do too well.

    A lot of NYC is just knowing the spots, or the crowd you are with. Lets be honest your walking in with a group of good looking girls the bouncer wont really say anything. Walking in with a group of underage looking dudes you have a problem.
  9. jkvru622

    jkvru622 New Member

    I'm not sure if NJ is an issue because of it's NJ or just because no one can make a good NJ fake lol
  10. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    I took PA off the list entirely since there's obviously some different opinions on it. I put NJ in the not recommended, I was thinking about it before but I didn't have enough knowledge to commit it to that section.
  11. flexhegot3

    flexhegot3 New Member

    What't the problem with a nj fake?
  12. delited01

    delited01 Member

    Just when in your in NYC i'm saying. People from NJ go in to work/move to NYC all the time. Bouncers/bartenders see plenty of real NJ everyday, and since their are not any NJ fakes seen as elite, they just dont really work in the city.
  13. flexhegot3

    flexhegot3 New Member

    Premium's new new NY with the black text hasn't hit the streets yet. I'm sure that will get through.
  14. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    Maybe, I'm waiting to do a side by side comparison. Until then, I don't recommend it.
  15. delited01

    delited01 Member

    are you in noveltys group for the new ny?
  16. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    Nope. After being scammed by NewYorkID I think I'll wait it out. Plus I don't really need one, other than just wanting to try it out in NY and share my experience with people here.


    edit: I moved it from NO to Not recommended, where I meant to have it. I would rock the shit out of a PF NNY if I had one, but I'm ballsy.
  17. jkvru622

    jkvru622 New Member

    Thanks man this is great!

    Few Notes: I think a lot of the NYU bars are very lenient - if you are looking for dive bars, the college areas can be an advantage

    I've never had any issues using Premium New NY in NYC (limited uses but still stands) and I know a few others have said the same - in-state is never recommended, though it can (at least for now as it is uncommon) help it get less scrutiny. All depends on the approach you take - I don't know whether I would recommend it or not - all depends on the person tbh

    Thanks again for this post though - spot on
  18. materialbread

    materialbread New Member

    I agree about LES and NYU area bars. I've never had trouble, because I use my ID well. But I've seen tons more shit get pulled in these areas than Brooklyn or Queens bars for example. "Be careful" is really all I meant to get across.

    As for the NNY, I know someone with one that hasn't had any issues. It's probably a great ID to have. But I also know a bouncer who's pulled them before. And they'll only get better at pulling them, unless its flawless. Haven't compared side by side. That's why I wouldn't "recommend" it.
  19. jkvru622

    jkvru622 New Member

    gotcha and yeah totally understand that - I feel it's a great "temporary" solution for at least a year before they become more common, but at least for now it seems great in the short term - I'm very interested to see how Premium's new ones turn out with all the fixes and color matching, hopefully I'll get a side by side in as well
  20. GoldilocksHadFake

    GoldilocksHadFake New Member

    As a NY'er as well. I debated hard on a DonJon U21 TX ID and Premium New NY ID. Once the promo came out for Premium, I shifted to that.

    The "its NY, you have people from all over" really does not hold that much weight. Especially if you look young. A far state will result in scrutiny, and all it takes is the bouncer to catch one flaw in the ID or lapse in your body language and its pulled/you're denied.

    For SO many places that I know don't card, i use my chalked real ID.. My 1994/1993 Old NY ID owners know what I am talking about. A perfect chalk, at a place that again, I know does not scan is GOLDEN. I have never encountered someone who pointed out that my ID is supposed to expire on my 21st birthday. I know the charge is worse than having a fake but.. to each their own.

    Anyway, if that new Premium new NY is good, I'd shift it to the recommended, or maybe give it an asterisk*.

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