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Discussion in 'Fake ID Information and Tips' started by honiniero, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. honiniero

    honiniero New Member

    Aight, my friend’s 21-st is coming up this weekend and we are heading to a club where a real five-o checks the ID. Every time I’ve went it’s been the same cop and I’ve always had my Ohio Fake ID. I still have an OH ID, but the one I stil have has a hair underneath the lame by the sig. This officer usually closely exams and then uv out of state IDs. I’ve never had a problem getting in a club with my perfect Ohio ID I’ve since lost.

    Sooo… My concern is do you guys think I should Ohio ID with the hair, Lucy V2 MI, or Michigan ID (mine has the dash in the height)?

    UPDATE: using it in Indiana
  2. bigvick98

    bigvick98 New Member

    You always can demand a free reprint for the MI height issue from vendor
  3. adrulol

    adrulol New Member

    MI ID, I’m doubtful that they’ll notice the dash
  4. champchamp

    champchamp New Member

    I have a Lucy V2 and I would not use that anywhere near Michingan… IMHO...

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