How to buy bitcoins if you do not have a bank account and a credit card

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency' started by itslqb, Jan 5, 2018.

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    I wrote so many posts about the way how to use Western Union and different ways of buying through the payment systems. And I suppose that it was the high time to write some tips how to buy bitcoins without using a bank account or a credit card.
    The first step: look for a BTC seller
    Here everything is clear. Find LocalBitcoins, open an account and find your cash seller. Note that you should type the purchase amount. The more you buy, the lower the cost is. In addition, make sure that the seller has the exchange amount.
    The second step: know the terms of trade
    More often, you will have to make a picture of your ID, create a deposit, after that write down “no refunds” on the paper, and send it. It seems to be a little bit difficult, but in fact, that is really easy and fast.
    The third step: opening the trade
    Ensure that your vendor is in touch and you are able to begin the trade. Prepare all necessary things that you may be asked for. Send them everything and then wait for the reply. They will send you details on bank account.
    The fourth step: make a deposit
    This is the most difficult step in the whole chain. Collect the total amount and go straight to the bank. Take the paying-in slip and fill with all the necessary information that you have. Many vendors leave their contacts and you can call or write to them, this will facilitate the task. You can be requested a debit card, but you must answer that this is an account for business. If they request ID, then you can provide it. When you open the deposit, the main thing is to take a check.
    The fifth step: provide the seller with a check
    Very often vendors ask their customers to send them a photo of a check in your hands where “NO REFUNDS FOR BITCOIN” is written. When the seller gets such selfie your bitcoins will be released.
    The sixth step: make an order of your ID
    It is not dangerous sending BTC from LBC to a seller directly. When you use BTC you will get faster transactions.
    Don’t use Western Union. Make use of LocalBitcoins and learn these steps for help!

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