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  1. T_M_3

    T_M_3 New Member

    Communication: [8/10]

    I have established contact with these guys the same day I first messaged them. They were very polite and got straight to the point. Very informative and productive conversation, good experience.

    Shipping: [8/10]

    Got my order in less than a week after I have received their confirmation, quality packaging. Does not seem too long, assuming that they ship from inside the United States. Met my expectations in general, though it could be even faster.

    Stealth: [7/10]

    I would rate that package tier 2 stealth level: aside from having very accurate and quality packaging, which is level 1, you cannot find out what is really inside the package unless you open it up. Even then, you have to open another envelope inside it to get to the fake ID. Very nice, though not completely secure.

    Template: [9/10]

    It is almost indistinguishable from the real one, seriously. My friend and I have compared our IDs, and we could not find any difference, though he got his from the DMV. The same fonts, the same Teslin, raised font where it should be, everything looks very official! Perhaps, it is too fresh right now, should wear it out a little bit. Had no time to check the UV ink, yet sure, that it works just as expected.

    Done my best sending them a good photo, and received even better one. They have improved the lighting, the
    background, and made it overall less sharp, so it looks very real.

    kcHb6Id.jpg yXpfc1W.jpg DlgcLkV.jpg
  2. mclovin9000

    mclovin9000 New Member

    I’m using same CA fake ID printed by idhurry for three months, and I have never had any troubles buying booze or passing through security, because it scans and looks like real.
    I also had no problems placing my order, paying for it and getting it delivered to my place. ID was a worthy purchase for me.

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